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I’m not ready to draw hands.

"Sporoloth Environment" by Jorge Porta

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紅 雀  \\  K  O  U  J  A  K  U

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who wore it best?


i want to see more of them -ω-


people were doing screencap redraws of dmmd episode 3 so i wanted to try too!! but„ a bit more seriously i guess =v= (though its still doodly)

i am glad we at least were given an anime but at the same time… it is nice that they will be redoing the first 3 episodes haha


im a PROUD White Feminist!!!!! Equality for all women!!! also did you know middle eastern women are unintelligent and brainwashed?? and its ok if u dont wanna date black girls btw (◕‿◕✿) *reblogs creepshots of asian girls*

fun fact: you are your icon

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